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Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings Biography

Hi my name is Ed Teasdale and I’ve been drawing for the best part of my life. I am self-taught and very passionate about my pencil drawings, I put my heart and soul into each and everyone.
I specialize in graphite with my drawings taking up to 50-70 hours to complete with layers of shading to build up the fine detail.

With fans of my work from around the world, from Singapore to Brazil. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have drawing it.

I have developed a keen anatomical eye for horses, dogs and many other animals, enabling me to capture their lifelife look on paper and to create an amazing picture.

Thank you for taking your time and having a look at my artwork, they will look a million times better hanging on your wall....
From childhood pets to caring for animals during the nine years spent working at a veterinary clinic, animals have always been an important part of Heidi Krueger's life.

As a child, she would spend countless hours sketching horses, birds, and rodents. She even made a "book" of birds, drawn on newsprint with markers and stapled together when she was eight.

A life long Wisconsin resident, Heidi is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a degree in fine art.

Heidi works primarily in pencil on paper, using a variety of toned papers as well as traditional white in drawing mostly North American and African wildlife. Her drawings on toned paper are kept simplistic, usually the only subject being the animal.

In a time where people multi-task, spend to much time rushing from place to place, forever in hurry, there is a calmness in her portrayal of one image, the animals which she dearly loves.

Heidi's work has been exhibited in various juried and non-juried shows around the country.

Melanie Springbett is a versatile professional artist who resides in Barrie, Ontario. She depicts everything from animals to scenery, pets and people.

She grew up in Northern Ontario in a place called Sylvan Valley. Much of her scenery in her paintings comes from this area.

Growing up on her parents forested acreage she enjoyed what nature had to offer, visiting her favourite places in the forest or sitting by the river. Here she learned her passion for painting nature and wildlife.

During art class in high school she experimented with different mediums. First in watercolor, acrylic then oil. She eventually took up oil because of the rich color it produces. She sold her first painting then.

As a child she always wanted to make a living as an artist. Now she's taken up art as a full time job...her dream. She loves both nature and art so to work with them together just make sense. She does field work as much as possible for inspiration, and enjoys visiting Algonquin Provincial Park. Now that she resides in Barrie, Ontario, the park is not very far from her home.

After the birth of her first child she has taken up portraiture to a much greater extent. Recently she has discovered how beautiful chalk pastel can be on the right paper. It works well for portraits because of the many flesh tones available.

Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencile Drawings
Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawings By David J. Vanderpool

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