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Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures Biography
My Name is Natalie Mascall; i always love drawing eyes as they intrigue me, even from an early age there is something about them which speaks volumes without words.
Again from an early age i have had a passion for wildlife and wildlife has been a big part of my life inspiring me.
I express my appreciation of them through my artwork with detail and i hope this comes through my drawings, whether its through a feeling/emotion it gives you or brings back a memory of what you have experienced either with an interaction or from being out on safari even if the picture makes you smile...
Hope you enjoy looking at my artwork...

Through my drawings i also hope to raise awareness of the importance of preserving wildlife and supporting projects and dedication undertaken by charities such as Snow Leopard Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation UK (BOS UK), Born Free, World Land Trust, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), Cheetah Conservation Fund, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, TUSK and many many more that are protecting the animals/wildlife we love, their environments and the communities which share these environments with the precious wildlife.
I hope future generations get to see all these beautiful animals that inspire and humbles me always.

I am a Award Winning Professional Self-taught Artist specialising in Wildlife Fine Art taking on commissions such as any wildlife, pet portraits and sunsets...

I have a selection of giclee prints (open and limited editions) and canvas prints available...
to view these in the online shopping cart please feel free to follow this link

I have been drawing since i was little working in graphite pencils, drawing my colouring in books images, toys etc...
My art started as a hobby teaching myself and gradually working towards some colour with acrylics and pastel...both giving totally different effects.
I loved the pastel as gave an effect that represented the softness of wildlife.

I went to college straight after school finished and completed a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design intermediate course, duration 1 year, passing the course with a distinction.
I enjoyed the course but it wasn't the type of media i wanted to work in, it was a different type of art and i was looking for more of a Fine Art so i pursued art myself and I went professional in 2001.

In October 2007 I went on my first Safari.
My family and i visited Kenya, visiting the Maasai Mara, Lake Niavasha, Lake Nukuru, and the elephant orphanage in was an amazing experience i wont forget as having the chance to see the wildlife in the wild captivated me! Parts were full of bird song especially when we were at Elsamere there were two pairs of Fish eagles and their calls always stay with me, i was in awe! To read more and to read my Leopard encounter please follow this link
...The next venture was Tanzania, March 2010, visiting Selous Game reserve including Rufiji river, Mikumi game reserve and Ruaha river and game reserve and what an adventure we had!-our adventure included getting flat tyres...alot, elephants charging one of our vehicles; as unknown to us there was a hidden water hole which we were in the way of her getting to it with her 3 young, and a gecko nearly falling on my head in the dark of night whilst sleeping...was an amazing experience and we got to see the different terrains and the beautiful scenery in the center of Tanzania whilst on our travels from each reserve by find out more please follow link
I cant wait to go Africa again so i am very much looking forward to my next venture where ever it maybe...

In June 2010, i donated 2 of my prints ('Thoughtful Moment...' and 'Contemplate') to the BBC Wildlife Fund and together they both raised £610-oo! Was a pleasure donating them as always a great feeling to give back to the wild which brings me much joy and inspiration...

In May 2011 i donated £300-oo to the 'Essex Wildlife Trust' and raffle raised £111-oo for the 'Snow Leopard Trust' with many thanks to everyone who came to my solo exhibition early May 2011...both charities were delighted so thank you!

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting with MIWAS (Marwell International Wildlife Art Society) since 2001, NWAG (Natural World Art Group) since 2000 and NEWA (National Exhibition Wildlife Art) since 2004.
Also exhibit with SOFA (Society of Feline Artists) held at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London and local exhibitions.
Please follow this link to events and exhibitions page on website

My prize for winning overall BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 Title to go whale watching was cancelled but i now have had an alternative and with much excitement I got the opportunity to go to Nepal, couldn’t wait to go! I have now been as was just an amazing adventure and experience, i was even a mahout, elephant rider, which was incredible to get this opportunity and see the Asian elephant at a different level, all the different length of bristles, lovely gentle creatures...we didn’t see tiger but our elephant stepped on a branch and scared the illusive beauty as it roared and ran off, giving me goose bumps again just an experience will never leave me...we just saw and learnt sooo much and the Nepalese people so lovely and full of admiration and passion for their wildlife, birdlife and culture and history, wanting to share this with us and so welcoming the guides were just the best!...lovely guys with big hearts, huge passion for the birdlife and wildlife, even running their own conservation charity and fab characters, didn’t want to leave, had captivated both my mum and myself and was lovely that i got to share my prize win/experience of Nepal with my mum was awesome adventure will never forget...especially the night walks as we saw fishing cat, jungle cat, fireflies and many more, keep an eye out for an update :o) I visited Nepal in November 2011...

Donated £225-00 to the 'Essex Wildlife Trust' and my raffle raised £62-00 for the 'Snow Leopard Trust' with thanks to everyone who came to my solo exhibition in May 12/13th 2012...both charities were delighted!

I donated the first copy no.1 of 'Contented' to the Sumatran Orangutan Society in June 2012, she was delighted and going to put it in an auction during an event, will let you know how much it raised as soon as Helen lets me know, exciting :o)

Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
Pencil Drawing Pictures
       Pencil Drawing Pictures       
Pencil Drawings Pictures
Picture Looks Like Pencil Drawing

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