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Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna

Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna Biography

This is the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth Divine Incarnation. It falls on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). This is one of the greatest of all Hindu festivals. Lord Krishna was born at midnight. A twenty-four hour fast is observed on this day, which is broken at midnight. Temples are decorated for the occasion. Kirtans are sung, bells are rung, the conch is
blown, and Sanskrit hymns are recited in praise of Lord Krishna. At Mathura, the
birthplace of Lord Krishna, special spiritual gatherings are organised at this time.
Pilgrims from all over India attend these festive gatherings.
The Lord appeared when the moon entered the house of Vrishabha at the
constellation of the star Rohini, on Wednesday, the 8th day of the second fortnight of
the month of Sravana, which corresponds to the month of Bhadrapada Krishnapaksha
according to the Barhaspatyamana, in the year of Visvavasu, 5,172 years ago (from
1945), which means 3227 B.C.
Study theBhagavata m and thePanc haratras, which are equal to theUpanisha ds. You
will know all about the glory of Lord Krishna, His Lilas and superhuman deeds. The
eighth Avatara, Krishna, who has become the Beloved of India and the world at large,
had a threefold objective: to destroy the wicked demons, to play the leading role in
the great war fought on the battlefield of Kurukshetra (where he delivered His
wonderful message of theGita) and to become the centre of a marvellous
development of the Bhakti schools of India.
There is no true science except devotion to Lord Krishna. That man is wealthy indeed
who loves Radha and Krishna. There is no sorrow other than lack of devotion to
Krishna. He is the foremost of the emancipated who loves Krishna. There is no right
course, except the society of Sri Krishna's devotees. The Name, virtues and Lilas
(divine pastimes) of Krishna are the chief things to be remembered. The Lotus Feet of
Radha and Krishna are the chief objects of meditation.
Sri Krishna is the ocean of bliss. His soul-stirring Lilas, which are the wonder of
wonders, are its waves. The honeyed music of His flute attracts the minds of His
devotees from all three regions. His unequalled and unsurpassed wealth of beauty
amazes the animate and the inanimate beings. He adorns His friends with His
incomparable love.
His palms bear the signs of a lotus and discus, the right sole of His feet of a flag,
lotus, thunderbolt, an iron goad, barley seed, and the Swastika. His left sole has the
rainbow, triangle, water-pot, crescent, sky, fish, and a cow's footprint. His Form is
composed of condensed universal consciousness and bliss. His Body pervades the
entire cosmos.
Devotion is the only means of attaining Lord Krishna. Bhakti kindles love for the Lord. When love is directed towards Krishna, man is freed from the bondage of the world. Though Lord Krishna appeared in a human body, He had a divine body not composed of the five elements. He did not take any birth here in the usual sense of the term. He did not die. He appeared and disappeared through His Yoga Maya as He has declared in theGita. This is a secret, known only to His devotees, Yogis and sages. His enchanting form with flute in hand is worshipped in myriads of homes in India. It
is a form to which is poured out devotion and supreme love from the hearts of
countless devotees not only in India but also in the West. Millions of spiritual seekers
worship Him and repeat His Mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.
Lord Krishna was great in knowledge, great in emotion, great in action, all at once.
The scriptures have not recorded any life more full, more intense, more sublime and
grander than the life of Sri Krishna.
Krishna has played various roles during His stay in the world. He was Arjuna's
charioteer. He was an excellent statesman. He was a master musician; he gave
lessons even to Narada in the art of playing theveena. The music of His flute thrilled
the hearts of the Gopis and everyone else. He was a cowherd in Brindavan and Gokul.
He exhibited miraculous powers even as a child. He killed many demons. He revealed
His Cosmic Form to His mother, Yasoda. He performed the Rasa Lila, the secret of
which can only be understood by devotees like Narada, Gauranga, Radha and the
Gopis. He taught the supreme Truth of Yoga, Bhakti and Vedanta to Arjuna and
Uddhava. He had mastered every one of the sixty-four fine arts. For all these reasons
He is regarded as a full and complete manifestation of God.

Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Pencil Drawings Of Lord Krishna 
Lord Krishna Drawing
Lord Krishna (Young Part - 1) 

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