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Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings Biography

Jennie Sanders – Pencil Portrait Artist
I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember and am inspired when capturing the essence of my subjects through pencil sketches. After numerous successful portrait commissions with fantastic feedback, I have decided to launch The Illustration Room, to showcase my drawing style and custom portrait commissions to date.

Take a browse through my galleries of portrait artwork and let me know your thoughts, I would love to here from you.
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Artist Biography

I attended the University of Central England and gained a BA(Hons) in Visual Communications. This has enabled me to work within a variety of commercial Art & Design fields. I currently work as a Graphic Designer and I have attended weekly life-drawing classes for many years now, mainly for the constant development of my drawing skills. This is supported by a Certificate in Portraiture from the London College of Art.
My Individual Pencil Portrait Style
I have a very painterly style and do not use pencil in the way you would expect. Drawing with graphite shavings and a putty rubber, the portrait subject is moulded with my fingertips. This creates very three-dimensional features that appear to lift from the page. Although pencil lines can be seen in finer details of my drawings, the majority of the mark making is sculpted in this way. I create mood, character and true realism, moving away from the sketchy style other artists are able to produce relatively quickly. An average head shot can take me up to 10 hours to complete.
Viewing these pieces online does not do these graphite portraits justice. Rest assured if you like the images on the site – you would love the original artwork.
Commissioning a Unique Pencil Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is a very personal project to embark on; to get exactly what you want can be hard if you can’t talk directly to the artist. I commit to one pencil portrait at a time, providing a personal one-to-one service for my clients. There is nothing mass-produced about my work, a lot of time is spent creating the highest standard possible. Treating every commission as an individual art piece, I make sure your personal portrait is tailored specifically to your needs. I am proud to think that some commissions will become family heirlooms, that many generation will enjoy in years to come.
Take a look at my pencil portrait style and take a browse through my different galleries including,
Children’s Portraits, Group Portraits, Adults Portraits, Pet Portraits.
Let me know if you enjoy my work and would like to consider me as your Portrait Artist.

Pencil Portraits - the ultimate personal gift
What could be better than a bespoke personalised portrait as a gift, for your closest friends and family? Due to the very personal nature of a portrait you may wish to give a Gift Certificate, which buys a unique personal service, to create something very special, ensuring they get exactly what they want. Contact me if you are interested in a Portrait Gift Certificate.

Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
Pencil Portrait Drawings
How To Draw A Pencil Portrait Drawing  
Pencil Drawing Portrait

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